Stone Surface Finishes

We can alter the surface of your selected stone for different aesthetic and functional results 

Most Commonly Used Finishes:


Smooth and shiny, almost like mirror or glass. most tiles and slabs come in this finish.


The surface is smooth but matt. Honed stone still maintains its colour, but not the mirrory sheen. The degree of honing can be obtained by applying different grades of brasives on the polishing/honing machine. Polished stone can be honed and vice-versa.


A leathered finish is a newer style that is gaining more traction in the design world. Leathered stone has a textured, pebbly surface with little pits and fissures (like the surface of a piece of leather in appearance). The texture will vary from piece to piece, and some stones will have a much more pronounced leathered finish than others.


Special chemicals are put on the stones surface, giving it an aged look.


A rough surface achieved by the application of going through a sand or fine iron grain pressurising machine. This can be applied to the whole stone surface, for areas such as non-slip flooring, or to a part of the stones. Sand blasting part of stone can be used to engrave text, logos or simple lines to add a feature to a piece to act as non-slip surfaces on steps.


This is a rough textured surface achieved by using a flame over the surface of the stone. This finish can only be achieved on Granite, and is excellent for outdoor paving.


Can be accomplished on request.

Stone Finish Examples