What We Do

We Deliver The Right Material And Skilled Craftsmanship To Make Your Design Come To Life.

Depending on your needs, we can provide and manufacture stone to satisfy your design requirements.  Whether you need stone slabs or production  from manufacturing to installation. We are here to help breath life in to your ideas and designs.

Our Services


Slab + Tile Supply

Our Gallery

Our Gallery

Our Gallery

Our Gallery

Select from our extensive handpicked collection of Natural stone.


Super White Island Install

Super White Island Install

Placing the stone in to it’s final home

Eco Smart Fireplaces

Eco Smart Fireplaces are a flue less solution that can be positioned as a functional  feature in any room. 


Paonazzo Bar

Calacatta Paonazzo

Paonazzo Bar

Calacatta Paonazzo

Island Bench


Island Banch


Our skilled stone masons will bring your designs and ideas to life through their experienced craftsmanship.

Stone Care

Supply of high quality HMK products

Integrated Stone basins & Specialised Furniture

Custom Basin

Custom Basin

Custom Plinth

Custom Table


Next Steps

Things to think about

What type of stone you would like
The Edge Profile of your choice
Stone Finish

Step By Step Guide

In order for us to get it right we will need you to:
1. Select your Stone
2. Select your Edge
3. Send us :
    a. Your plans (Architechual, Design... relevent to stone quotation)
    b. Project location
    c. Project Timeline
    d. Your contact details
We will then:
1. Send you a quote
2. Once our quote is accepted
    a. One of our team will visit your project site once joinery etc... is installed. We will carry out a check measure.
    b. Create shop drawings for your work
3. We will then begin manufacturing.
4. Our team will arrange a time and carry out installation. (Please allow approximately three to four weeks from the date of check measure to installation)

Edge Profiles

From simple to intricate the profile can dramatically change the look stone.


All edge finishesshown can be applied to various slab thicknesses.


GMW uses special dimaond pads in both dry and wet stages in edge polishing, rather than using lacquer treatment to the edges.


A customised edge finish can be created upon request, please feel free to discuss your edge profile with one of our team.

The images below are some examples of what can be achieved.

Stone Surface Finishes

Depending one the desired aesthetic and texture the surface of a piece of stone can be altered to suit the required end product.

Granite & Marble Works can do a variety of surface finishes. Whether you would like Polished, Honed, Acid washed, Sand blasted, Exfoliated/Flamed, Antiquating or other...