Acqua Quartzite

Acqua Quartzite Slab

Acqua Quartzite Slab :  3350mm x 1970mm x 20mm 

Acqua Quartzite is a stunning natural stone with a unique composition and striking color. With its captivating shades of greens, blues and grays, this material is a popular choice for a variety of home design applications. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen countertops, a statement piece to your bathroom vanity, or a stylish accent wall to your living space, Acqua Quartzite is a versatile and durable option that’s sure to impress.

Not only is Acqua Quartzite incredibly beautiful, but it’s also highly resistant to scratches, heat, and everyday wear and tear. Plus, its non-porous surface makes it a hygienic choice for the kitchen or bathroom. So if you’re searching for a natural stone that’s both practical and visually stunning, consider Acqua Quartzite for your next home renovation project.

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